Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance

We know there is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than calls from tenents after a hard rain or wind storm. We can help. Beach Ventures can provide a maintenance plan and annual check up for a small fee. Estimates are still free. Evaluataions of properties would need to be determined by size and extent of the job.

For property managers:

We work with most HOA's, property management and building owners to determine insurance claims or possible out of pocket costs form our initial meeting.

For property owners:

We can provide extensive evaluations by digging deeper into properties that either require maintenance repairs or are in the process of escrow.

Take advantage of our 7 point inspection:

We do a thorough inspection to eliminate hidden problems or doubt of a roof's structural integrity or life expectancy.

Rain storm and other damages

When the heavy rains hit us you almost know there is going to be a roof leak somewhere. We've seen it even with newer buildings. When the water is getting inside your building, your tenants' property is at risk and so are their employees and customers. Call us. Even better, call us before the storm hits and make sure your roof is ready. We will inspect it and if there are issues we will help plan a course of action that in the long run will save everyone grief, aggravation and down time. And if there are insurance claims to be made we can help with that too. For more about insurance,

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