Chandler Roof Repairs By the Valley's Best Roofing Company

Beach Ventures has been delivering exceptional roofing services to homeowners in Chandler, Arizona, for more than a decade. As a profession roofing contractor and lifelong Arizona residents we are aware of the history and growth of the city, and what our climate does to roofs. We’ve performed thousands of repairs over the years, many in your city. Many due to storm damage. Some for esthetic reasons. And more than a few roof repairs to update and also up-grade, worn out materials.

The fact is many homes in Chandler are at the age of needing attention to the roof. If your house was built with a tile roof in the 1990's and you haven't yet replaced the felt underlayment, it's definitely time to consider it. If you have missing or loose shingles, notice gravel pieces in your eves run-off or in your driveway, there is a chance your roof is wearing down.

Keep Your Roof In Peak Condition

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the well being of your home's roof- whether it be cement tile, clay tile, asphalt single or rubberized flat roof, you can contact us for honest answers and straight-forward advice. No charge. Roof inspections are always free.

Free Roof Inspection

If there is known or suspected issues with your roof, call Beach Venture's Roofing for a free inspection. As a roofing contractor registered with the state of Arizona we're qualified to provide you with accurate information and perform repairs on any type of residential roof. In fact, we not only perform repairs, we do complete roof installations for individuals and home builders alike.

Affordable Roof Repair and Installation

If there is a problem that needs addressing, rest assured you can count on Beach Ventures Roofing to provide the best quality materials and experienced, professional labor to restore your roof to top condition. Should you desire an estimate for roof repair or installation services from us, we will provide an accurate, detailed bid and cost breakdown for your consideration.

Roof Repairs and New Roof Cost Estimates

We don't do front yard guesstimates. In addition to getting on your roof for close inspection we also incorporate state of the art satellite imaging software that measures every inch of your home’s roof, including slopes, to insure the job is estimated correctly and that correct amounts of material ordered the first time- so the job is done on time and you get back to life as usual. We also want to remind everyone, we build custom patios, too!

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